Finally, time to go to bed after a hard day’s work, if only bedbugs will not come to ruin everything of course. It’s true. Bedbugs are undoubtedly a real inconvenience. Learning the fundamentals on how to get rid of bed bugs is simple enough; you can make good use of everyday home remedies to deal with this problem once and for all. Then, you can finally sleep in peace at night. But firstly, to kill bed bugs you need to be aware of the bed bugs signs in your home.

Home remedies that you can use to get rid of bed bugs vary - from environment-friendly and non-toxic insecticides to something simple as steam and heat treatments. All these are effective enough to neutralize bedbug infestations.
The market is full effective bug killers made from fossilized remains of various algae types. Such insecticide products are proven environment friendly. The fine powder in these insecticides contains very sharp particles that can harm the bug’s exoskeleton, and killing them upon contact. You can apply it on baseboards or rub into carpets after vacuuming. This is a good way of putting an exclamation point on the infestation.

Heat and steam treatment options use simple, but dead-effective principles in crippling and eliminating bug infestations for good. Heat is particularly effective in exterminating bugs in different stages, including the eggs. They cannot withstand 120 °F and above. Washing your clothes and bed linens in the dryer using this specific thermal setting neutralizes all bedbugs clinging on them.

Since you cannot do the same with much larger items like the mattress, using a steam cleaner should do the job. Using steam is very effective in killing the eggs (especially if they are snug comfortably deep in the mattress pores), which are supposedly more resilient than adult bugs. To make for a decisive steam treatment effort, experts strongly suggest that the steam coming out of steam cleaners should be set above 200 °F so they can penetrate deep enough to where the bug eggs hibernate. If you fail to realize this fact, then your efforts in neutralizing the bug infestation will fail since the next generation bedbugs were spared from your efforts.

If you are suffering regularly from bedbugs, you can make good use of bedbug mattress covers since it is a good remedy without the chemical components to neutralize the problem. It offers immediate comfort and relief from the bites. Such encasement seals off mattresses completely; it leaves bugs without any gap to enter or to escape. You can also encase your pillows as well. To kill the bugs trapped within, you can opt to keep the covers on for at least a year since bedbugs are known to survive one whole year without feeding.

While at it, you must also make sure to isolate your bed away from the walls so the bugs will not have easy access to your bed. You can also cover the four legs of the bed using double-sided duct tapes. This sticky barrier will surely trap visiting bugs towards their destination (and that is your bed of course). Make sure that you also avoid your clothes and other items hang off the bed touching the floor. This provides bugs with easy access to your bed. These approaches on how to get rid of bed bugs for good should keep them at bay. Finally, you can have that uninterrupted sleep.

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